Welcome to "Mrs. President Lincoln"

“Mrs. President Lincoln ” is a fascinating one-woman musical with twelve toe-tapping songs. It is set in 1865 at the close of the Civil War when jubilation has overtaken Washington. The Lincolns are very happy to see the war end but exhausted from their respective duties and responsibilities.

The First Lady speaks from her dressing room where she is preparing for a night out with the President. She shares stories about Mr. Lincoln, their children, her political observations and thoughts about pettiness in the Capitol. We get a fresh perspective into the times and the man who led the country through war to peace.

Carol Dunitz, playwright, composer, and lyricist, based the show on a critical historical review to create a production that offers new insights that simultaneously entertain and provoke. The script unveils many little known facts that show the human side of life during the war. The sumptuous tunes and pithy lyrics provide a break from tension while propelling the action forward.

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